Even though the festive season may be over, here at The Spanish Butcher, the best is yet to come. It’s no secret we have become one of the UK's undisputed champions of Spanish meats, and this January we have something really impressive for our customers.

You've heard of Prime Rib Thursdays, but now it's time for...


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That's right ladies and gentlemen, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during January, you can enjoy either a cut of our succulent Presa Iberico de Belotta or our juicy Galician Prime Rib with sides, sauces and a bottle of house wine all for £60 per person!

Both cuts of meat are known as real stars of the show here at The Spanish Butcher. From our stunning Presa Iberico de Belotta, cut from acorn-fed Iberican black pigs of ‘Green Spain’, to our succulent Prime Rib, cut from the famed Rubia Gallega cattle of northern Spain, choosing between them will be difficult for a true meat aficionado! 

With some incredible sides included in this deal, from our delicious crushed garlic potatoes to our beautifully seasoned baby carrots, this amazing offer is sure to leave you feeling more than satisfied. In addition to this, the house wines included will have you raising a glass, from our deliciously crisp white ‘Monte Clavijo Rioja Blanco’ to our smooth and easy drinking red ‘El Muro Tino Tempranillo Granacha’.

It is all about "Life on Miller Street” in 2018. So head along this January for the ultimate treat, we’re sure this will im-PRESA you! 


Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing deal. For reservations, follow the link below.

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The Spanish Butcher Is Giving The Festive season a Mediterranean Twist!

If you’re looking to enjoy a Christmas dinner in one of the ‘Hottest New Restaurants Anywhere in the World for 2017,’ then The Spanish Butcher is the perfect location. We've given our festive menu a Mediterranean twist, with class Christmas staples alongside seasonal flavours inspired by produce from across Spain.

Now it's no secret that we are Scotland's official champions when it comes to Spanish meat, and our 28 day, dry-aged Galician Fillet has a rich, intense flavour and is the perfect dish for a true meat lover! Served with our famous manchego truffle fries, charred broccoli and your choice of sauce, it's a glorious go to for a festive meal with a Spanish twist! Or our awesome Chargrilled Lamb Rump is another unmissable dishes from the menu, served with ratte potato, shallot salad and red wine jus, it is sure to have your tastebuds singing!

Whether it's Christmas lunch or dinner you're after, we've got you covered. For just £25 per person, you can enjoy a 3 course lunch from Sunday to Thursday during 12-3pm. For dinner, you can enjoy 3 courses for just £35 per person from Sunday to Thursday during 3-10pm and Fridays from 12-10pm. Please note that there may be limited group availability on Saturday evenings.

It's no secret that The Spanish Butcher has become Glasgow's undisputed champion of Spanish meats, so be sure to get your reservations in for a Christmas packed full of flavour.

So, what are you waiting for? To make a reservation, click the button below.

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Prime Rib Thursdays

Here at The Spanish Butcher, we figured it was about time to give you guys a little mid-week treat! It’s undeniable that we have become Glasgow’s undisputed champion of Spanish meats, and our Galician Prime Rib has always been a real star of the show. That’s why, for the whole month of October, we have decided to bring you Prime Rib Thursdays!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we have one of the biggest, meatiest promotions up for grabs for you guys.

Cut from the famed Rubia Gallega cattle of Northern Spain, our Prime Ribs are dry-aged on the bone for 45 days, ensuring that beautifully rich, intense flavour is at its peak!

Every Thursday throughout October, you can and a friend can enjoy all of this for just £70:

-       45 day, dry-aged Galician Prime Rib

-       Two Spanish Butcher sides

-       Your choice of sauces

-       Bottle of House Wine

With a choice of amazing sides from our deliciously cheesy Manchego Truffle Fries to our citrusy fresh Cauliflower and Apple salad, this deal is sure to have your taste buds singing. And who could resist a bottle of our stunning house wine? From our easy drinking red, 'El Muro Tinto Tempranillo Garnacha' to our deliciously crisp white 'Monte Clavijo Rioja Blanco,' there's something for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for?! Make sure you don’t miss out on the ultimate Thursday night treat! For reservations, follow the button below:

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Glasgow Loves an Old Cow
JohnPrimeRibLOGO copy.jpg

Since December of last year, we’ve been the home of Galician beef here at The Spanish Butcher; we’ve championed it’s quality, it’s unique flavour and incomparable marbling. But it’s not just ourselves that love the stuff, the people of Glasgow have shown their appreciation for this incredible Spanish produce, eating it by the ton (quite literally, we’ve sold over 6 tonnes of it)! So why the obsession, what’s the difference?! Why does Glasgow love an old cow so much…?!

So, ok…our tongue is firmly in our cheek with that line, but it’s true; the secret behind Galician beef is down to the age of the cattle. We use the revered Rubia Gallega cattle of Northern Spain; huge, hulking beast that tower up to 6ft in height and weigh as much as 1,400kgs.

How do they get so big?!

Well, they’re actually ex-dairy cattle and produce milk until they’re around 6 years old, which is typical of dairy breeds. Where things start to get interesting is what happens after that, the farmers then put the cattle back out to pasture for another 6-8 years! The results are that the lean dairy cattle are transformed over years of grazing into behemoths.

That growing process also develops the unique meat; their organic diet coupled with their dairy pedigree leads to an intrinsic fat marbling that’s completely unique to the breed. The beef becomes rich, intense and has the most buttery of textures! All of our cuts are also dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 35 days, and very often longer. We’re huge advocates for this process, it helps the beef grow in maturity and really intensifies the flavour.

It’s not that it’s better than Scotch beef, heck, we LOVE Scotch beef - have you seen the menus at our sister venues, Hutchesons and The Butchershop?! Galician beef is just different, equal in terms of quality with the very best beef in the world, but utterly unique in its make up.

Chef Suggests: “Go for the Grade 9 Galician Prime Rib to share, it’s dry-aged on the bone, buttery soft and super rich! Goes great with a bottle of the Finca Estacada!”

Gordon McGuire
Cava: The Unsung Hero In The World of Bubbles

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Spanish produce here at The Spanish Butcher - I mean, the name clue is in the title! But our love doesn’t just stop at our beautiful dry-aged Galician beef & Iberican jamon…you’ve got to have something to wash it all down with and what better than a crisp, chilled glass of Spanish Cava?!

Cava SB 2.jpg

Whilst Champagne from France and Prosecco from Italy steal the headlines, Cava often flies under the radar, dismissed as the little brother to the two big guys…but we’re here to dispel that myth and sing the virtues of what firmly believe is ‘The unsung hero in the world of bubbles’.

So…what exactly is Cava?

Cava, in a nutshell, is sparkling wine which originates from the Catalonia region in the north of Spain. The production method used to make Cava follows pretty much the same steps from vine to bottle that are used to produce champagne, however the key difference lies in the grapes!

Cava is made up of three main grape varieties; Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel-lo. The Macabeu grape is the primary grape used in all production, it is to Cava what Chardonnay grapes are to Champagne; bold, floral notes with a slightly bitter taste. The Parellada grapes and Xarel-lo grapes each bring their own unique profiles and help add bitterness, sweetness, floral notes, zesty hints etc, depending on their combination.

Cava can be supremely dry, with the driest being a Brut Nature, yet it traverses the entire palate range with a richly sweet Dolç acting as the sweetest variation of the wine.

So, what’s our tip? Well, as with any wine, it depends on your mood, what your eating and what simply takes your fancy at that particular moment! But let’s talk about one of our all time favourite Cava’s; the Segura Viudas. Now, whilst it’s by no means the oldest Cava in porduction, it’s been around long enough to build a reputation as a show-stopping-ly good wine. We sell the Segura Viduas as a Brut Reserva, which is light, refreshing and has sharp citrus notes. Alongside that there’s the Segura Viudas Brut Rosado, a non-vintage Rose Cava with spritely aromas of strawberry and redcurrant. The flagship of this collection is the Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Herded Vintage, a truly gorgeous wine by any comparison, with a slightly nutty nose, brioche in abundance and a soft honey flavour complimented by floral notes.

So the next time your feeling a bit of a thirst, make sure you swing by The Spanish Butcher and embrace Cava in all its glory; explore the different varieties, learn it’s flavours and see if you agree with us that Cava truly is the unsung hero in the world of grapes.

Chefs tip; A glass of Segura Viudas Brut Rosado Cava goes beautifully with our 30 month salt cured Iberican jamon.

Gordon McGuire
Shetland Vikings Visit The Spanish Butcher

This time last week, The Spanish Butcher got a taste of some Scottish history when we were joined by some unexpected, yet exciting visitors!

A squad of Shetland Vikings joined us for some well-earned, refreshing Muchacha Rosa cocktails before tucking into our outrageously good, dry-aged Galician beef. Reared from the famed Rubia Gallega cattle of Northern Spain and renowned for its buttery soft texture and rich, intense flavour, there wasn't a morsel left in sight! It’s safe to say, these Vikings were not disappointed with their meal.

They joined us ahead of the Follow the Vikings Festival this September, which will be held to celebrate Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. Held over two weekends, the festival is due to take place in Unst, Britain’s most northerly island and one of the Vikings first landing places in the North Atlantic and in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital.

Visitors can expect re-enactments of Viking combat and a re-creation of Viking life, ensuring an educational and enjoyable day out for the whole family.

A huge thanks to Visit Scotland for getting us involved in such an exciting project and as for the Vikings, we hope to see you back very soon....




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Jamon Iberico de Bellota

This particular jamon really is something truly special. It comes from the renowned Black Iberico Pigs of 'Green Spain' who are allowed to roam the countryside with complete freedom.


Their diet, which consists mostly of acorns (‘bellota’), develops the most intensely sweet, floral and nutty flavour, with a stream of luxurious fat which simply melts in the mouth! Strict regulations mean that there can be a maximum of 2 pigs per hectare of land so that they can digest the proper amount of acorns each day. The acorns contain a chemical in them known as ‘oleic acid’ which can also be found in olives, making them full of flavour.  This is why these pigs are also known as ‘olives with legs’! Purely because their fat is as healthy as extra virgin olive oil.


The Jamon that we serve here at The Spanish Butcher is cured for 30 months, a process that magnifies those flavours to unsurpassable levels of awesome! The longer time this ham is spent curing, the more rich and intense the flavour.


This treat really is the perfect starter as well as a glorious nibble with a drink at the bar!


For many ham lovers, this stuff is as good as good gets.

And who are we to disagree?

Head along to 80 Miller Street and try it out yourself!


Did you know…  Spain produces an astounding 40 million hams a year making it the biggest producer & consumer of ham in the world!

Gordon McGuire
Introducing; The Spanish Butcher

Restaurant group Rusk & Rusk are set to open the doors to their latest venture this weekend, as The Spanish Butcher arrives at 80 Miller Street in Glasgow’s bustling Merchant City.

The independent operators, who own award-winning venues The Butchershop Bar & Grill and Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, are about to deliver another cavalier concept to the cities burgeoning restaurant scene. The 80 cover venue will continue in the same vein as its sister restaurants, with premium meats high on the agenda, this time the focus being very much as the name suggests with Spanish meat & fish taking centre stage.

With Grade 9 Galician steak, 30 month salt-cured Iberico Jamon, whole Turbot and grilled octopus on the menu, along with some of the best home-grown produce from Scotland’s larder, the emphasis is firmly on delivering a unique interpretation of steak & seafood. Group Development Chef John Molloy said: “the menu is inspired by Spanish & Mediterranean flavours, but we’ve always been champions of great ingredients grown here in Scotland, so we’ve looked where possible to merge them with the best produce from Spain."

When asked the question of why Spanish cuisine was the way forward, co-owner James Rusk told us that “We’re renowned for using the very best of Scotch steak in our restaurants, so for us, this was opportunity to showcase our passion for world class beef by introducing steak from Spain’s Galician region. The unique difference between the two is the length of time the cattle are reared, Spanish cows are considerably older than ours, by over a decade, so the flavour profile is something else altogether, and it’s very exciting to be sharing that with the people of Glasgow”.

It’s more than just the food at The Spanish Butcher, co-owners James & Louise Rusk wanted to deliver a highly stylised decor, taking inspiration from New York’s dining scene, with the end result being a mature, Manhattan loft-style vibe to the venue. To pull the vision together, Rusk & Rusk engaged the services of renowned architects Mosaic, with lead- designer Stuart Black telling us "The brief was to design a city centre venue that felt like a destination, with a real energy and freshness about it. New York has a massive history and great design language, and we’ve aimed to capture that with this project."

For the two restauranteurs behind Rusk & Rusk, the challenge of their 3rd venue has been met with a stoic belief, that Louise Rusk describes as being; “restaurants, for us, are about evoking emotion and creating memories, people not only expect great food and service, we believe our customers want to experience great spaces, so it’s pivotal that our restaurants are designed with that in mind. Whilst the best quality produce and excellent customer service are crucial components, so too are the settings in-which they’re housed”.

Over 1,000 people have already made their reservations in the first two weeks since bookings at The Spanish Butcher were officially opened. There is plenty of anticipation about The Spanish Butcher’s arrival, and with a track record of delivering excellent dining destinations, it’s sure to be a strong addition the Glasgow restaurant scene. 

Gordon McGuire