Jamon Iberico de Bellota

This particular jamon really is something truly special. It comes from the renowned Black Iberico Pigs of 'Green Spain' who are allowed to roam the countryside with complete freedom.


Their diet, which consists mostly of acorns (‘bellota’), develops the most intensely sweet, floral and nutty flavour, with a stream of luxurious fat which simply melts in the mouth! Strict regulations mean that there can be a maximum of 2 pigs per hectare of land so that they can digest the proper amount of acorns each day. The acorns contain a chemical in them known as ‘oleic acid’ which can also be found in olives, making them full of flavour.  This is why these pigs are also known as ‘olives with legs’! Purely because their fat is as healthy as extra virgin olive oil.


The Jamon that we serve here at The Spanish Butcher is cured for 30 months, a process that magnifies those flavours to unsurpassable levels of awesome! The longer time this ham is spent curing, the more rich and intense the flavour.


This treat really is the perfect starter as well as a glorious nibble with a drink at the bar!


For many ham lovers, this stuff is as good as good gets.

And who are we to disagree?

Head along to 80 Miller Street and try it out yourself!


Did you know…  Spain produces an astounding 40 million hams a year making it the biggest producer & consumer of ham in the world!