Glasgow Loves an Old Cow

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Since December of last year, we’ve been the home of Galician beef here at The Spanish Butcher; we’ve championed it’s quality, it’s unique flavour and incomparable marbling. But it’s not just ourselves that love the stuff, the people of Glasgow have shown their appreciation for this incredible Spanish produce, eating it by the ton (quite literally, we’ve sold over 6 tonnes of it)! So why the obsession, what’s the difference?! Why does Glasgow love an old cow so much…?!

So, ok…our tongue is firmly in our cheek with that line, but it’s true; the secret behind Galician beef is down to the age of the cattle. We use the revered Rubia Gallega cattle of Northern Spain; huge, hulking beast that tower up to 6ft in height and weigh as much as 1,400kgs.

How do they get so big?!

Well, they’re actually ex-dairy cattle and produce milk until they’re around 6 years old, which is typical of dairy breeds. Where things start to get interesting is what happens after that, the farmers then put the cattle back out to pasture for another 6-8 years! The results are that the lean dairy cattle are transformed over years of grazing into behemoths.

That growing process also develops the unique meat; their organic diet coupled with their dairy pedigree leads to an intrinsic fat marbling that’s completely unique to the breed. The beef becomes rich, intense and has the most buttery of textures! All of our cuts are also dry-aged on the bone for a minimum of 35 days, and very often longer. We’re huge advocates for this process, it helps the beef grow in maturity and really intensifies the flavour.

It’s not that it’s better than Scotch beef, heck, we LOVE Scotch beef - have you seen the menus at our sister venues, Hutchesons and The Butchershop?! Galician beef is just different, equal in terms of quality with the very best beef in the world, but utterly unique in its make up.

Chef Suggests: “Go for the Grade 9 Galician Prime Rib to share, it’s dry-aged on the bone, buttery soft and super rich! Goes great with a bottle of the Finca Estacada!”