Estrella Galicia: Q+A with Tom Wheatley, our host for 'Little Galicia'

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Fun Fact about you:

Hopefully by the time of the event I will be almost be fully recovered from a broken rib gained from a fairy light hanging related incident!


How is Estrella Galicia connected to Galicia?

It’s in the name, Estrella Galicia is literally the Star of Galicia (the star being the traditional brewer’s emblem). We are connected to all things Galician supporting local community supports local grassroots talents. We are still fiercely independent, owned and run by the 4th generation of the, Galician, Rivera Family


What is Little Galicia? 

Little Galicia is the concept at the heart of Estrella Galicia’s brand promise as a premium beer, celebrating beer culture, gastronomy heritage, authenticity and Galicia with an element of fun. Through these events you will be as if you have been transported to Galicia brought to life though gastronomic evenings at great Spanish restaurants around the country.


What’s unique about your beer? Why is it relevant?

Estrella Galicia is still brewed and bottled/kegs at our only brewery based in A Coruna, Galicia. With the changeable weather in Galicia, we simply cannot get away with making a traditional Spanish ‘sunshine beer’. So with the great soft water from the city’s taps, we can produce fuller flavored Pilsner style beers, making it perfect to match with the flavorful foods of the region


Who was Estrella Galicia made for? 

Originally the brewery was located right outside the docks in A Coruna, producing ice to keep the local produce fresh and the beer to refresh the fisherman after long hours on sea.


What is special about Galicia? 

Throughout Spain (and beyond) Galicia is a buzz word for quality produce, especially the Beef and the Seafood. The area is culturally Celtic, you are far more likely to see buskers playing the bagpipes over the flamenco guitar.

The rainfall in the region is much higher than even Glasgow, this with the local geology means we have fantastic soft water, which is not only great for producing beer but also means the Albarino from the Rías Baixas DO is famous worldwide.  


Why did you choose the Spanish Butcher to bring the Little Galicia experience to life. 

The Spanish Butcher was the obvious choice to hold the first ever Little Galicia event in Scotland. The quality of produce and passion for experience make it just as easy to host the event here as it would be any of our partner restaurants in A Coruna or Santiago de Compostela. We cannot wait to let customers experience a true Galician evening.


Date: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Time: 7pm (Dinner served 7:30pm)

Tickets: £45pp